This year 75 years that we do in Dénia

enjoying in the heart of the city.

Good faults we have always planted

and gunpowder we have never forgotten.


We want the beautiful fallas party

and we do not say it for propaganda.

We are full of very good people

and we really like partying.


Without asking for any permission

to remember those people

than to the Falla Centro of Dénia

has always worked great.


Our ancestors in the fault

they have carried the Centro within the heart.

They showed how to work in a gang

and give Els Quatre Cantons wealth.


The most traditional falla

has become the most festive.

How much the calico was sour

with good ideas, she was a leader.


They say that we are one of the mirror failures

and that seems to be the truth.

That’s why we carry our backpack full

with memories and a lot of common sense.


De la Safor visits us again

our friend Pere Baenas.

Venice has come to plant us

to fill the party square.


We have prepared a wonderful trip for you

to enjoy our fallas party.

We like it better than soupy rice

or the Venetians put on the disguise.


We apologize to the neighborhood

for the works of the square.

In March they should have finished,

It seems that things are not progressing.


It’s better to drink and not believe

of politicians the promises.

If they say them with a smile

They seem bad from the novels.


They promised to have the plaza decked out

and the birthday we would do with the finished work.

If the elections were around the corner

surely the Glorieta would have nickel plating.


We hope they don’t have the same knack

and it happened to us like friends from the West,

where they have already raised the square three times

and again they will look for some pretext.


How precious it was, not long ago,

how much Vicente and Pepa traveled the world.

Suddenly a mishap happened

and Pepa was offered Vicente’s chair.


Little will take the love story,

storms they scattered.

Vincent lived, as a spectator,

how Pepa la Vuelta beat him.


they look like teenagers

They fell in love at school.

They went their different ways

and now neither hello nor goodbye were greeted.


The breakup has taken away years and some shame

And even a TIKTOK has been opened to flirt.

Someone should warn them (and it’s not joking)

please, do not take advantage of “ticktokear”.


Vicentito has always carried two little nephews

but has decided to drop them.

The two wanted to sing duets at the same time,

only in La Xara can they be distracted.


Rafaelito the crab grabs onto Vicentito,

He has little COMMITMENT when there is a storm.

If there is a good lunch in between

it will approach the land and flee from the coast.


Pepita the seagull has found a stick to return to

and Marieta the little seagull, has left him without a hole.

Vicentito a falcon in the castle has put to fly,

so the seagulls continue with the spoiled nest.


Marianito the penguin is back in the media,

With friends and the crew they row again.

The problem will be with climate change

if the ice that supports it starts to break down.


Of the “citizens” we will not say anything bad,

they already have enough with what comes over them.

Sometimes you have to do a good reasoning

and assess whether it makes sense to continue upwards.


I’ll tell you a secret…

We continue with the new traditions:

the red shrimp already has its contest.

Enlarge our forecasts

and untouchable we will make it in the future.


I’ll tell you a secret…

Now they only reward the hospitality industry,

with suns and stars they have it complete.

The old people already warned us what would happen:

only foreigners with tickets will go.


I’ll tell you a secret…

We miss traditional cuisine

rice with beans and hot turnips.

That’s why we take her to our house

of stars the Falla would have of the beautiful!


I’ll tell you a secret…

You will have a little train like the one before,

You will stop by Teulada to visit.

You will be many fans from the region

and the shorter the journey may seem to you.


I’ll tell you a secret…

A tourist train we have managed to carry

For all audiences, even for retirees!

But watch out! You will have to go carefully…

of old you can die without arriving.


I’ll tell you a secret…

Friend from the bar next door you have to be

for the bus in Dénia to be able to catch.

If the bus is delayed, what do you have to do?

is to have a good treatment to be able to urinate.


While she is mistreated,

politicians are photographed.

The judges do not retract

and the abusers trust.


There is no law that protects them

no justice to help them

Only politicians who face them

and the society that undresses them.


They mistreat without any shame,

they treat them to kicks.

hardly touch prison

while they are buried.


Very harsh justice is not

with the theme of violence;

the abuser knows how to do,

So have a lot of indulgence.


We cannot close ourselves to doing politics,

with the errors we cannot get started.

If we see that the thing stirs

for them the law must be rectified.


Life takes many turns

and it makes you change your feelings,

the acquitted sang love

but they appeared suddenly.


In secret they had to meet,

when the appreciation began,

Well, it was bad looking to feel

and, much more, to be able to estimate oneself.


Now that the years have passed

and they can love each other in freedom,

that grandmothers can kiss

seems to be looking bad.


Two Spain’s are represented.

Why do they deny homosexuality?

You think it’s unnatural

the other denies transsexuality.


It is worth so much that Vicenta was Pepe

and with a man was Amparo.

Love, friends and friends, has no age

You need to be able to estimate in freedom.


the city is growing

with a lot of cultural variety.

Young people are the pending matter,

Let’s see if we improve the patio.


If we took them more into account

youth would surprise us.

They have a solution for everything.

some, surely, we would like.


We know that they are our future,

We already seem like the past.

It is true, they have had a very hard time

at the expense of a little worked present.


Neither rates nor taxes have been touched,

taxes have not been lowered.

Without a hard investment to improve

They boast of proximity market.


As if they were mushrooms,

supermarkets are growing in Dénia.

Nobody sponsors the entities

festivals and sports in the city.


We hope that these museum mummies

remind all staff what happened.

While the people on foot suffered hunger,

they filled the sack in gushes.


The Fallas are full of scholars,

they did not take advantage of the time in school.

They still have pencil and fingers,

while it slides to us.


They want to tell us the Centro falleros

how to wear the pendants

I wear it like my grandfather did,

it’s enough to touch our balls.


We have our teacher as the protagonist

and has taught us how to love the party.

With Antonio lo Cabo without selfishness

the history of the Living Centro is.


The electoral campaign begins

everyone sells smoke endlessly.

In four years they touch the sparrow

And now they try to manipulate us.


The news seems rehashed:

closed streets, take away parking

and the party museum, all lies

or promises from the City Council.


To please all the inhabitants

the red lady sells smoke and butterflies.

He wants us to eat them without swallowing,

He thinks that in the town we are idiots.


Tralarí, tralarà, as Tamarit used to say,

the demarcation of the government is already here.

The Sparrow of Costas new law will apply

disturbing the neighbors, looking towards Madrid.


A sweet melody resounds

in the Almadraba and the Dehesas.

They sing that no house is saved

and, it may be, they reach the roads.


In the City Hall to feel the sweet music

the goddess of urbanism smiles at the decision.

The neighbors don’t get it one bit

because they don’t help them and they get glancing.


Like in a big masquerade

We are about the hospital.

It’s nothing more than a big bullshit

and the resolution seems to have no end.


The 15+5 are yet to come

with the terms of the reversion.

It doesn’t look like it’s going to be fixed.

we continue in the same situation.


Now those who wanted the reversal are silent,

This is how they save money.

The workers look on expectantly.

who will be the first to run out of nothing.